Changing of the Guards: The Hotchpot’s New Editor-in-Chief

Readers –

I have accepted a position in the public sector. Because of the nature of the position, I am no longer able edit The Hotchpot or contribute to it. Thank you all for your support and interest along the way. It was an exciting year!

It is with great pleasure, however, that I introduce to you The Hotchpot’s new Editor-in-Chief, Nate Wadlinger!

Nate is an interesting mix of a tax-enthusiast and Gator fan. Nate is currently enrolled in the LL.M. in Tax program at NYU.  He is a “triple Gator”:  He received his B.S. in Accounting, Master of Accounting, and J.D. from the University of Florida.

Nate is interested in a variety of areas tax.  Over the past year, he has been keeping up with the issue of the portability of spousal estate and gift tax exemption amount for federal estate and gift tax purposes.  His article, The Portability Pill: Examining the Trial Stages of Federal Estate and Gift Tax Spousal Portability, will be published this September in the ABA Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal, volume 47, issue two.

We are very grateful and excited to have Nate on board!

- Cat Karayan


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